What impact will the vaccination passport have on my visits to the gym?

What impact will the vaccination passport have on my visits to the gym? The government of Quebec has announced the implementation of the vaccine passport on September 1, 2021. From that date, all people wishing to access a gym in Quebec will have to present the QR code of their vaccination passport and a photo ID.

Does this only apply to Éconofitness or to all gyms in Quebec? The vaccination passport must be required in all gyms in Quebec as well as in other non-essential services such as restaurants, bars and shows.

Do I need to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to be able to come and train? As of September 1, 2021, you must have your vaccination passport QR code and a photo ID at each visit to access the gym.

I only received one dose of the vaccine. Will I be able to workout anyway? No. According to Public Health guidelines, you must have a valid QR code to access the gym.

As the vaccination passport is mandatory, will the other measures remain in place (mask, distancing, disinfectant, etc.)? We will follow public health guidelines and instructions when they are announced. At the moment, there are no changes to the measures in place in the gyms.

I don't want to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. What should I do? According to public health, the vaccination passport is mandatory to access the gym. We invite you to visit the articles on cancellation and refund.

I cannot get the Covid-19 vaccine. What should I do? If you cannot receive the vaccine for various reasons, public health should provide you with a QR code. Consult https://www.quebec.ca/en/health/health-issues/a-z/2019-coronavirus/progress-of-the-covid-19-vaccination#c96293

I do not live in Quebec. What should I do? People who do not reside in Quebec and who travel to Quebec can go to the places and activities covered by the use of the vaccination passport if they present the following two documents at the entrance:

  • a valid photo ID with an address outside Quebec;
  • an official proof of COVID-19 vaccination provided by their country or Canadian province.
I want more information on the vaccination passport. Visit the Government of Quebec website.

How do I download my vaccination passport QR code? Download your QR code here: https://covid19.quebec.ca/PreuveVaccinale/en