What measures are in place regarding the mask inside the gym?

Wearing a mask is mandatory to circulate in the gym and when the 2 meters cannot be respected (ex: the free weights section). Members can remove their mask when using training equipment (cardiovascular or muscular) and when using the equipment of the Platinum Zone. Participants of group workouts with a live coach will be able to remove their mask during their training in the classroom.

At Éconofitness, we want to limit the risk of COVID-19 transmission :

  1. Avoid contaminating your mask.
    The more you touch your mask, the more likely you are to contaminate it. By leaving it on your nose and mouth, you avoid the risk of contamination.
  2. We recommend the procedure mask.
    For better protection, a procedural mask is recommended. The face cover is still accepted.
  3. Respect physical distancing at all times.
    Wearing a mask is accompanied by respect for the physical distance of 2 meters between people at all times.
  4. Enjoy your training.
    While wearing the mask requires an adjustment period, be sure to have a good time during your workout.