What hygiene measures have you put in place to limit COVID-19 transmission?

Rest assured that all Econofitness gyms are always cleaned and disinfected throughout the day and before closing with powerful cleaners to provide you with a healthy and safe environment. All Econofitness gyms promote hand washing with soap and water, and disinfectant is also available when you enter our gyms. Equipment cleaning stations are readily available. Frequently touched surfaces such as handles, seats and keyboards are cleaned more often, and members are required to clean all surfaces they’ve touched during training. You must wear a mask to walk throughout the gym. You can remove your mask when you use the equipment. Because it’s difficult to keep a 2-metre distance in the free weights section, make sure you wear your mask as soon as you leave your bench, equipment, pulley station, etc. For more details on how Econofitness is currently operating, click here.



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